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Generation 1
Generation 1
Spherus Magna
Geographische Lage:

Der Skrall-Fluss fließt durch das Ödland von Spherus Magna.


Der Fluss entspringt in den Schwarzen Stachelbergen, fließt dann in das Meer aus flüssigem Sand und trennt daraufhin die Dünen des Verrats von der Schauerschlucht.

The Skrall had built a dam on the river, resulting in only a trickle of water continuing downstream. Many tribes had fought Arena Matches for possession of the dam, but had failed to beat the Skrall for it. While escorting a caravan carrying Exsidian from Iconox to Vulcanus, Glatorian Gresh and Strakk and the Agori Kirbold and Tarduk fell down the Dark Falls into the Skrall River, after being pursued by ex-Glatorian Malum and his pack of Vorox. Gresh was knocked unconscious by the impact of hitting the riverbed and was rescued by Strakk, as Glatorian Ackar and Kiina arrived. The cargo of Exsidian also smashed onto the riverbed, destroying the wagon and scattering the ingots in the river. Upon Kiina's suggestion, the group used Strakk as a lure to trick a party of Skrall warriors into bringing a wagon and fishing out the Exsidian. The other Glatorian who had hidden themselves then ambushed the Skrall and managed to hijack the wagon and evade the warriors. While attempting to find Malum in hope of aid in combat against the Bone Hunters, Glatorian Gelu and Ackar traveled to the Skrall River, finding revealing marks of Vorox, when they were attacked by Zesk and Vorox. The dam has since been freed from the Skrall, and the river flows freely again.[1] When Bota Magna and Aqua Magna merged back into Bara Magna, they reformed Spherus Magna, and the river thus became a part of the planet.