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aus dem Chat mit Greg Farshtey, BZPower und dem Chronisten

  1. Erebus (informiert von Greg Farshtey): The Great Being is Velika.

    Betrifft: Velika

    Quelle: BZPower, 27. August 2012 (primär);
    Der Chronist, 28. August 2012 (sekundär);
    Archiviert: intern; archive.org

  2. keplers: Was Velika really his name, or did he assume it as a Matoran?

    Greg Farshtey: He assumed it as a Matoran.

    Betrifft: Velika

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 17. November 2013

  3. voporak1: in the yesterday quest, it was mentioned that the great being disguised (velika) had dark plans for Spherus Magna and its people what it is?

    Greg Farshtey: He wants to rule them

    Betrifft: Velika

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 26. Februar 2014

  4. voporak1: why velika wants rule them residents of Spherus Magna?

    Greg Farshtey: Because he feels that the disaster on Spherus Magna happened because of poor, weak leadership by the Great Beings. He feels a stronger hand is needed.

    Betrifft: Velika

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 27. Februar 2014

  5. maletoaofwater: What would happen if velika had died in Mata nui? Same as anyone else?

    Greg Farshtey: More than likely, they would have teleported the body up but then been unable to do the mind transfer to a new body.

    Betrifft: Velika

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 31. März 2014

  6. maletoaofwater: Is Varian still captive in stasis on Odina, or was she broken out somehow during either the great catacylsm or makuta's death?

    Greg Farshtey: I would assume she would be found eventually by a salvage crew.

    maletoaofwater: for her BS01 page, could we say that she was found then, or should we say that she's still in stasis?

    Greg Farshtey: You can say that salvage crews are close to stumbling on her location.

    Betrifft: Varian

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 17. April 2014

  7. PointlessQuestions: You stated some years ago that you knew Takanuva's destiny, but wouldn't reveal it because it might pertain to future story. As the story is indefinitely on hold at best, can you now reveal this information?

    Greg Farshtey: My plan was to have him play a major role in a Great Beings' civil war, between Velika and like-minded followers who felt the GBs should dominate Spherus Magna directly, and other GBs that wanted no interference with the society at all. That assumed that the story team did not have other plans for the character, but if they did not, that was my intention for him.

    Betrifft: Takanuva

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 29. April 2014

  8. kyle7475: I've heard that Tahu is now the most powerful Toa due to him using the golden armor. But how exactly did the golden armor make him more powerful, aside from granting him heat vision? Did it boost his elemental powers like his Nuva transformation did, but to a greater extent? Did it give him even more Rahkshi powers than heat vision? After all, to be honest it seems like he's actually weaker now that he's in Mata form. He can't use a Kanohi Nuva, his elemental powers are weaker (don't know for sure), and he lacks Nuva body armor (though he does have his Adaptive Armor suit).

    Greg Farshtey: But the armor absorbed all the powers of the Rahkshi he used it to destroy. We only showed heat vision in story, but he has other powers.

    Betrifft: Tahu, Goldene Rüstung

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 1. Mai 2014

  9. PointlessQuestions: Do the Kestora wear and use Kanohi masks? If so, do they require Kanohi in order to function, as the Matoran do?

    Greg Farshtey: Wear, yes, use, no

    PointlessQuestions: Do the Kestora have any powers of their own?

    Greg Farshtey: No

    Betrifft: Kestora

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 5. Mai 2014

  10. kyle7475: Are there other planets in the Solis Magna system (the system that Spherus Magna is in) with intelligent, sapient lifeforms?

    Greg Farshtey: Yes

    Betrifft: Portal:Orte, Weltall

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 13. Mai 2014

  11. PointlessQuestions: what type of Matoran was Gatherer before he became a Dark Hunter? His connection to subterranean Rahi would indicate he might have been an Onu-Matoran, while his habit of claiming armor as trophies would suggest him being a Fe-Matoran.

    Greg Farshtey: I always thought of him as an Onu-Matoran

    Betrifft: Sammler

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 13. Mai 2014

  12. kyle7475: can you give us one example of a Kraata power that Tahu has aside from heat vision?

    Greg Farshtey: Quick healing

    Betrifft: Tahu

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 15. Mai 2014

  13. Fippe_: the member Erebus wrote that he has been communicating with you (outside of BZPower, of course) and he posted that you told him that “The Great Being was already named Velika before inhabiting the Matoran body.”
    So if Erebus hasn't been lying, as far as I understand that statement creates a contradiction to the statement in this Chat (“He assumed [the name] as a Matoran.”).
    I just want to know, if “Velika” is his real name or a pseudonym.

    Greg Farshtey: I probably did give him that answer, but in retrospect, it doesn't make sense given that it is at least POSSIBLE that some of the earliest creations might have known some or all GB names. So if he wanted to keep his status undercover, it wouldn't have made sense to use his real name, especially since he had no way of knowing that the GB would lose all contact with the MN robot.

    Betrifft: Velika

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 20. Mai 2014

  14. PointlessQuestions: If so, do they all have a set power? Or does it vary between individuals, as in the case of Frostelus and other sapient beings? (For that matter, are the Protocairns still sapient?)

    Greg Farshtey: Yes, they are sapient. Their Rhotuka has a sort of a "short-circuit" power - it temporarily blocks the signals between the mind and the body in a target, causing an opponent to collapse.

    Betrifft: Protocairn

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 22. Mai 2014

  15. PointlessQuestions: Is this mysterious "Earth Tribe" one of the tribes we never saw?

    Greg Farshtey: Yes

    PointlessQuestions: If there does exist an Earth Tribe on Spherus Magna, in which sorts of regions would they reside? Would it be reasonable to assume that they had some dominion over subterranean tunnels, or is that off-base? Out of Bara Magna and Bota Magna, would they have greater numbers on Bota Magna?

    Greg Farshtey: Yes, Bota Magna, but I see them more as being farmers than cave/tunnel dwellers

    Betrifft: Erdstamm

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 30. Mai 2014

  16. PointlessQuestions: This Earth Tribe contains both Agori and Glatorian (well, "warriors", since they weren't in the arena system), correct? Were the Earth Tribe combatants in the Core War? Tying into this, did the Earth Tribe ever have an Element Lord of Earth appointed to it, or were they not part of that system?

    Greg Farshtey: Yes, yes, and yes

    Betrifft: Erdstamm

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 1. Juni 2014

  17. PointlessQuestions: is the Earth Tribe still active on Spherus Magna?

    Greg Farshtey: Yes

    PointlessQuestions: What are the Earth Tribe's colors?

    Greg Farshtey: Brown and black

    PointlessQuestions: Was the Element Lord of Earth trapped with the others in northern Bara Magna?

    Greg Farshtey: Yes

    Betrifft: Erdstamm

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 3. Juni 2014

  18. PointlessQuestions: In Sahmad's Tale, Chapter 7, Annona fought the Golden Being in the Skakdi fortress and drove the Skakdi mad by feasting on their dreams. The Golden Being then accidentally granted their maddened wishes, which dissolved the fortress and caused strange creatures and things to appear all around. My questions pertain to that event.
    What happened to the Toa Mahri during all this? Were they freed from the Golden Being's brainwashing due to the confusion it went through? Or, if they were not freed, how did they respond to their masters being driven mad?

    Greg Farshtey: Since the dream of their serving the Skakdi no longer existed for that period of time, it is very likely they were freed during that battle.

    Betrifft: Toa Mahri, Skakdi-Fusion, Jaller, Hahli, Nuparu, Kongu, Hewkii

    PointlessQuestions: With Annona gone and the excitement over, has the Golden Being recreated the Skakdi fortress?

    Greg Farshtey: Most likely, yes

    Betrifft: Aqua Magna, Skakdi-Fusion

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 3. Juni 2014

  19. PointlessQuestions: There appear to only be six chambers in the laboratory where the Element Lords were created. Was the Element Lord of Earth created elsewhere? Or was the Earth Lord perhaps created in the central chamber of that laboratory, from which all the others branch off?

    Greg Farshtey: The element lords were created in "shifts," not all at the same time, so they were not limited to six.

    Betrifft: Elementarlords

    PointlessQuestions: Several sources mention only six armies fighting in the Core War. Did the Earth Tribe join forces with any other tribe, or were they out for themselves?

    Greg Farshtey: The Earth tribe did not fight in the war. They are extremely tied to nature, plus they may have run across EP before ... regardless, they seemed to have a pretty good idea all of this was not going to end happily.

    Betrifft: Erdstamm

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 4. Juni 2014

  20. keemaxim21: You said the Red Star doesn't work on Rahi. Does that include sapient Rahi, like Keetongu, or Krahka?

    Greg Farshtey: Yes

    Betrifft: Roter Stern, Portal:Rahi, Keetongu, Krahka

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 10. Juni 2014

  21. keemaxim21:After some search, you actually have said both on this thread. The first one, page 170:

    Also, does the Red Star revive rahi?

    I am going to say no, because the Makuta determine how many Rahi are needed and Rahi are specialized as species but usually not as individuals. Having too many Rahi of one type could end up being a problem, so having an automatic return program might not be the best idea.

    And page 288:

    And about the new rahi thing... how does that work? are rahi brought back too?

    Yes, Rahi are brought back,

    So which one should be considered accurate?

    Greg Farshtey: Go with the former, it makes more sense, I think.

    Betrifft: Roter Stern, Portal:Rahi

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 12. Juni 2014

  22. Firox555: Do you have any preferred reason for Velika giving them [Beings in the Matoran Universe] sentience as of yet?

    Greg Farshtey: Not a preferred theory, no, but I do think we can take as a given that Velika was responsible.

    Firox555: have the other GB's thought about where Velika went? They probably would have missed him after a while.

    Greg Farshtey: He probably made a big show of going into exile so they wouldn't be concerned about him

    Firox555: Lastly, what exactly is Velika's moral situation? Is he bad through and through, like Teridax, or is he just confused, or (I find this idea interesting) does he genuinely believe that he is doing the right thing?

    Greg Farshtey: He definitely believes he is doing the right thing. Conquerors usually do. He feels that a lack of direct control by the GBs caused the crisis, and he is determined to remedy that.

    Betrifft: Velika

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 23. Juni 2014

  23. Firox555: Is Velika still in his Po-Matoran body? Does he still have his Power Carver Tools?

    Greg Farshtey: Yes

    Betrifft: Velika

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 1. Juli 2014

  24. ZuyGrubas: What influence can Makuta's viruses have on a living person?

    Greg Farshtey: You mean like a Glatorian? Probably none, they are the equivalent of computer viruses.

    Betrifft: Virus

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 8. Juli 2014

  25. maletoaofwater: Considering that the great beings made orde male before making other psionic matoran female, does that mean there could be other exceptions to the "gender element" rule with other elements?

    Greg Farshtey: Possibly.

    Betrifft: Matoraner

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 9. Juli 2014

  26. fishers64: In Brothers in Arms, six Great Beings hold council with Mazeka and Vultraz. Might Velika have been one of these Great Beings?
    Since the Great Beings of that universe never created the Ignika, might the cursed Great Being have been among the councilpersons?

    Greg Farshtey: Yes and yes

    Betrifft: Velika, Verfluchtes Großes Wesen

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 10. Juli 2014

  27. ZuyGrubas: How did Velika steal Lesovikk's sword (latet, he killed Karzahni with it)? I know he's a Great Being, but I'm still curiours.

    Greg Farshtey: He defeated Lesovikk and then he took it.

    Betrifft: Velika, Lesovikk, Luftschwert

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 10. Juli 2014

  28. Brewers2007: Did Gavla, Radiak, and Kirop wear Noble Kanohi Kaukau, Hau, and Pakari, respectively, before and after they were Matoran of Shadow?

    Greg Farshtey: Sure, why not?

    Betrifft: Radiak, Gavla, Kirop, Hau, Kaukau, Pakari

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 10. Juli 2014

  29. lego613master: Can a being using an Olmak make more than one portal at the same time?

    Greg Farshtey: I don't believe so, no.

    Betrifft: Olmak

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 11. Juli 2014

  30. MataNuiIsTheGreatSpirit: What are the Turaga's roles in the new Agori/Matoran civilization?

    Greg Farshtey: Guidance and probably ambassadors to the Agori

    Betrifft: Turaga

    MataNuiIsTheGreatSpirit: Is Marendar sentient?

    Greg Farshtey: Yes

    Betrifft: Portal:Charaktere (Marendar)

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 15. Juli 2014

  31. fishers64: Did Velika get Tren Krom out of his island prison?

    Greg Farshtey: Yes

    Betrifft: Tren Krom, Velika

    fishers64: Do Matoran of Plasma have heat resistence?

    Greg Farshtey: Yes

    Betrifft: Su-Matoraner, Matoraner

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 17. Juli 2014

  32. Filipos38: What happened to Ahkmou after death of Teridax?

    Greg Farshtey: Ahkmou always knows which side his bread is buttered on. He will now try to ingratiate himself with the Glatorian.

    Betrifft: Ahkmou

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 22. Juli 2014

  33. kyle7475: Hey Greg, what happened to Lariska's resistance group headed to Daxia to destroy the energized protodermis pool during Teridax's Reign?

    Greg Farshtey: You mean where are they now?

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 21. Juli 2014

    kyle7475: No, I mean did they suceed in destroying the pool? We never hear about them again after they split from Tahu and Onua.

    Greg Farshtey: Yes

    Betrifft: Daxia, Lariska‎, Johmak, Krahka, Kopeke

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 22. Juli 2014

  34. PointlessQuestions: The Great Spirit Robot and Prototype Robot were capable of firing huge blasts of energy from their hands, which were described as lasers. Does this mean that they were a non-elemental Light power?

    Greg Farshtey: Correct. Robots have built-in weaponry. We did not feel the need to give them actual elemental powers as Toa have.

    Betrifft: Licht

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 24. Juli 2014

  35. Fippe_: Did Krahka, Kopeke, Lariska and Johmak destroy the pool of EP on Daxia after they split of Tahu and Onua or did all six destroy it?

    Greg Farshtey: After

    Betrifft: Daxia, Energiegeladene Protodermis, Krahka, Johmak, Lariska, Kopeke

    Fippe_: Is it possible to kill Sentrakh? I know that he's in an undead state, but so are Vampires and Zombies, and it is possible to kill those.

    Greg Farshtey: Yes

    Betrifft: Sentrakh

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 25. Juli 2014

  36. PointlessQuestions: Did Varian wear the same mask (Calix) as a Matoran as she does now?

    Greg Farshtey: Yes

    Betrifft: Calix, Varian

    PointlessQuestions: The Dark Hunter Prototype consists of two Toa fused together. Does this mean his face is actually their fused Kanohi? If so, can he use that Kanohi's powers?

    Greg Farshtey: A fused Kanohi would produce a third power, you would not have access to both powers I don't believe

    Betrifft: Prototyp, Kanohi

    PointlessQuestions: The model of the Toa Hordika Savage uses a mutated Ruru for his head. Does this mean he wore a Ruru as a Toa? If so, did he also wear that mask as a Matoran? Or did he not wear a Ruru, taking into account the physical limitations on the builder who constructed that model?

    Greg Farshtey: He probably did wear a Ruru as a Toa, but no idea what he wore as a Matoran

    Betrifft: Wilder, Ruru

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 25. Juli 2014

  37. PointlessQuestions: Johmak is able to shatter her body into crystals and recombine at will. Does her entire species possess this trait, or is she unique?

    Greg Farshtey: It is a species trait

    Betrifft: Portal:Spezies, Johmak

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 25. Juli 2014

  38. Fippe_: Can Zyglak be revived on the Red Star?

    Greg Farshtey: If they are killed inside the MU, yes

    Betrifft: Zyglak

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 25. Juli 2014

  39. Boidoh: Can Toa Nuva wear regular Kanohi.

    Greg Farshtey: Yes, but why would they?

    Boidoh: Can a Matoran wear a Kanohi Nuva? For example, if a Matoran was without a mask and would soon go into a coma, could a Toa Nuva lend the Matoran the mask to stay functioning until they can find a new mask for a Matoran?

    Greg Farshtey: Wear, sure, use, no.

    Betrifft: Kanohi Nuva

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 25. Juli 2014

  40. ToaAE: Could you confirm whether ot not the remainder of Lesovikk's team is on the Red Star?

    Greg Farshtey: If they were disintegrated, as seems likely, then they could not be revived because there needs to be a body to teleport.

    Betrifft: Erstes Toa-Team, Nikila

    ToaAE: The Red Star can't revive anyone not from the Matoran Universe, right?

    Greg Farshtey: Correct

    Betrifft: Roter Stern

    ToaAE: Kopaka made a point in The Powers That Be that the murders of Karzahni and Tren Krom were especially gruesome, as if their was a meaning behind it or a hidden clue. Can you say what that was?

    Greg Farshtey: Yes. Velika was looking to cause fear and panic, which he would then position himself as the person to quell.

    Betrifft: Velika

  41. ToaAE: The alternate Tuyet that Teridax and Matoro came across had been dead for 1000 years and her corpse was never sent to the Red Star. Was this because she came from an alternate universe? After all, she was found in the reamins of the Pit, so I assume she died inside the Matoran Universe.

    Greg Farshtey: She was not programmed correctly for this universe's red star.

    Betrifft: Roter Stern

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 28. Juli 2014

  42. Fippe_: Did the Zyglak disintegrate Lesovikk's team?

    Greg Farshtey: Since they were armed with weapons that disintegrate, it would make sense that they used them, so yes.

    Betrifft: Erstes Toa-Team, Nikila

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 28. Juli 2014

  43. Shougun70: In MNOG, the Bohrok Animations, and MNOGII, Maku and Huki have what is clear as day love for each other. Since then, however, Greg ruled their relationship uncanon, stating that beings in the MAtoran Universe are incapable of love beyond that of a friend caring about a friend (despite the fact that these two "friends" nearly kissed). I would like to ask why you decided to make it non-canon after it being canon for years.

    Greg Farshtey: Simple. What was in the online games was not approved by the story team, nor was there ever anything in story bibles saying these characters had this relationship. So it was not "canon." It was done to add some characterization into the game, but logically it made no sense, so I felt no obligation to maintain something that was illogical.

    Betrifft: Mata Nui Online Game, Macku, Hewkii

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 29. Juli 2014

  44. fishers64: did the Toa Hagah wear the same masks as Matoran? (e.g. did Norik wear a Pehkui, did Iruini wear a Kualsi, etc.)

    Greg Farshtey: Yes

    Betrifft: Norik, Iruini, Gaaki, Kualus, Pouks, Bomonga, Pehkui, Kualsi, Maske der Rahi-Kontrolle, Maske der Emulation, Maske des Hellsehens, Maske des Wachstums

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 29. Juli 2014

  45. Fippe_: is the Mountain actually still alive or did he die when Teridax was killed?

    Greg Farshtey: I would assume it would die shortly after Teridax did.

    Betrifft: Der Berg

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 29. Juli 2014

  46. Baralim: Of all the LEGO themes that you wrote for, which one is your favorite?

    Greg Farshtey: BIONICLE

    Betrifft: Greg Farshtey

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 29. July 2014

  47. joybelle44: Is Tahu able to take off the Golden Armour? If so, would he lose the Makuta powers granted to him if a piece did fall off?

    Greg Farshtey: Yes, and yes

    Betrifft: Tahu, Goldene Rüstung

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 30. Juli 2014

  48. Boidoh: how do you feel about all these BIONICLE questions? Does it somewhat make you and/or LEGO know that there is still a demanding fanbase for BIONICLE?

    Greg Farshtey: Nobody has ever doubted there was still a fanbase for BIONICLE story. When pondering if it will ever come back someday, the question is, will there be a new fanbase willing to buy sets?

    Betrifft: Der Chronist

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 31. Juli 2014

  49. EddyGould: What happened to group of Ta-Matoran that escaped from Rahkshi during Teridax's reign and headed to the island of Mata Nui?

    Greg Farshtey: Once Teridax stood up in the robot, they would have fallen off and died.

    Betrifft: Liste bekannter Matoraner

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 5. August 2014

  50. Phantoka123Mistika: Was the Velika from The Kingdom Alternate Universe (who became a Toa) also a Great Being?

    Greg Farshtey: No

    Betrifft: Velika

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 12. August 2014

  51. eevee435: You mentioned that Velika in the Kingdom Alternate universe isn't a Great Being. This brings up... quite a few interesting questions, many of which I probably haven't thought of. [...] Is this to say that Main universe GB Velika's 'awakening' spread to EVERY universe?

    Greg Farshtey: No. In that universe, the GBs programmed their creations to be like that from the start.

    eevee435: If the Great Beings do not have counterparts, does this mean they created all the alternate universes?

    Greg Farshtey: Alternate universes are created automatically when decisions are made. Under this theory, if you decided to go plau basketball today, well, your life might be changed forever. You might gain something incredible, or lose out on something great because you weren't home. So an alternate universe gets created in which you decided NOT to go play basketball. When we use them in fiction, it is usually some dramatic, pivotal event that went a different way and that is when the alt. universe split off from the main one.

    Betrifft: Velika

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 12. August 2014

  52. PointlessQuestions: Various Bara Magna vehicles seen in 2009 sets and story were equipped with "force blasters", described as having a near-identical function to the weapons wielded by the Vorox. Are the Vorox's blasters and force blasters one and the same?

    Greg Farshtey: Based on the same tech, but not exactly the same.

    PointlessQuestions: Kabrua also knew of the regression of the Bara Magna Vorox when he encountered Gelu and company, just a few days or weeks after the reformation of Spherus Magna. This surprised Gelu, because of how quickly Kabrua found out. It is possible that Velika gave them this information, but then again, Velika would not really have any reason to know about the Bara Magna Vorox. How did Kabrua find out about the treatment of the Bara Magna Vorox?

    Greg Farshtey: Ah, very good question. Here's a hint -- although the GBs had lost contact with Mata Nui, Velika never lost contact with the remnants of Spherus Magna. So he knew a great deal of what was going on through agents loyal to him that no one else in the MU would have known.

    Betrifft: Velika

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 22. August 2014

  53. PointlessQuestions: Was Kabrua one of Velika's contacts on Bota Magna?

    Greg Farshtey: Yes

    Betrifft: Velika

    Quelle: Chat with Greg Farshtey, 25. August 2014