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Verkohlter Wald

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"I think the forest looks very beautiful this way too. And when it burned, you could see all the fires perform their Great Takara all the way to the sea, and it was very beautiful." — Kapura, Mata Nui Online Game

The Charred Forest, also called the Charred Jungle,[BEU, p. 21] was a forest of burnt trees in Ta-Wahi, destroyed during a battle between the Matoran and Makuta Teridax's Rahi.

Der Verkohlte Wald, auch Verkohlter Dschungel genannt, war ein Wald bestehend aus verbrannten Bäumen, der sich in Ta-Wahi befand. Er wurde während eines Kampfes zwischen den Matoranern und den Rahi von Makuta Teridax zerstört.


Irgendwann während des Großer Krieg fand im Wald ein Kampf mit der Ta-Koro-Wache statt. During the fight, fires spread, burning all the green trees, resulting in it being renamed the "Charred Forest." After emerging from his Toa Canister, Tahu walked into the forest, and was caught in a Rahi trap set by the Ta-Koro Guard. The amnesiac Takua then trailed Tahu and discovered Ta-Koro. The Charred Forest was the place where Kapura would exercise his skill of traveling long distances quickly by moving very slow, a technique taught to him by Vakama. Also, the Lavaboards used by the Ta-Matoran to lava surf and play the sport of Ignalu, were made from tree trunks from the Charred Forest, since they did not burn in molten magma. The Charred Forest was later destroyed when the Toa Nuva unleashed the Bohrok swarms.