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Bonjour, and welcome to the Chronist-Wiki! --Fippeen · fr 12:43, 13. Nov. 2014 (CET)

Danke! --maxim21 (d) 12:58, 13. Nov. 2014 (CET)

Kopeke 490 remembered a few articles created after September 2019, so there is no archived version available: Onu-Metru, Suva, Keerakh, Brunnen der Weisheit. There may be more. Do you have a copy of those? --Fippeen·fr 00:22, 15. Aug. 2020 (CEST)

I also remember Le-Koro and Po-Wahi, Benutzer:ToaNuiFirom and Benutzer Diskussion:ToaNuiFirom. Thank you again for your excellent work here. Kopeke 490 (Diskussion) 08:39, 15. Aug. 2020 (CEST)Benutzer:Kopeke 490

All articles created after Septembre 2019 should be restored now. (Gadunka, Brunnen der Weisheit, Keelerak, Boggarak, Keerakh, Madu, Makika, Mangai-Vulkan, Le-Koro, Le-Wahi, Ga-Wahi, Ga-Metru, Suva, Po-Wahi, Großer Tempel, Onu-Metru, Benutzer:ToaNuiFirom, Verkohlter Wald, and Benutzer Diskussion:ToaNuiFirom). Maxim21 (Diskussion) 12:30, 15. Aug. 2020 (CEST)
Wow, this is wonderful. Thank you so much! --Fippeen·fr 13:10, 15. Aug. 2020 (CEST)
Thank you for participating in Project Whenua! I see that you continue to post new versions of articles from your private archive. Thank you very much! --Fippeen·fr 21:14, 15. Aug. 2020 (CEST)
And with that, all should be restored. Happy to have been helpful. Maxim21 (Diskussion) 21:25, 15. Aug. 2020 (CEST)
Merci! --Fippeen·fr 21:30, 15. Aug. 2020 (CEST)

Thank you

Hey Maxim21, thank you so much for all your work! When we lost that database, I feared the worst, but together with our loyal crew of Der Chronist members, you've helped to achieve the impossible. Cheers! - NtM